Albany Airport Terminals

Albany International Airport (ALB) stands as the primary gateway to New York’s capital region, boasting modern facilities and efficient operations. As travelers navigate through its terminals, they encounter a seamless blend of amenities, airlines, and services tailored to upgrade their journey. This guide will help you to explore terminal with services, gates, shops, amenities and airlines of ALB Airport.

Albany International Airport (ALB) Terminal

Step into the Albany International Airport (ALB) Terminal, explore the main terminal includes three main concourses A, B and C, to solve diverse needs of millions of passengers annually.

Southwest Terminal (Terminal A)

Explore the Albany Airport Southwest Terminal A, a bustling hub primarily served a diverse range of amenities and major airlines.

  • Gates: Domestic Flights from A1 – A12 and International Flights from Gate B1 – B6
  • Shops: Hudson News, Albany Marketplace, Duty-Free Shop and Tech Zone
  • Amenities: Restaurants, luxurious lounges and services for ALB lost and found
  • Airlines: Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways

The main concourses are Concourse A and Concourse B with six gates each. Concourses B and C (on the left and right of the Main Terminal) each have four gates. These concourses have limited facilities, but you can find food, beverages, and toilets.

Albany Airport’s terminals offer a blend of convenience, comfort, and connectivity for travelers passing through. Whether you’re taking off for business or embarking on an adventure, each terminal stands ready to cater to your needs.

FAQs for Albany Airport Terminals

How many terminals does Albany Airport have?

Albany Airport consists of one main terminal: Southwest Terminal divided into three concourses i.e. A, B and C.

What amenities are available at Albany Airport Southwest Terminal?

Albany Airport Southwest Terminal offers amenities such as charging stations, restrooms, shops like Hudson News, and services for travelers’ convenience.

Are there any specific airlines operating from Albany Airport Southwest Terminal?

Yes, Southwest Airlines operates from Albany Airport Southwest Terminal, serving passengers traveling to various destinations.