Anchorage Airport Baggage Storage

Welcome to Anchorage Airport Baggage Storage, your convenient solution for securely storing your belongings while you explore the wonders of Alaska’s largest city. Located within the bustling terminal of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC), our baggage storage service offers travelers a hassle-free way to lighten their load and make the most of their time in this vibrant destination. In this guide, you will get the baggage claim contact details and other storage services.

Types of Anchorage Airport Baggage Storage Services

Anchorage Airport Baggage Storage

There are currently two main options for storing your luggage at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport:

  1. On-site Baggage Storage: The airport offers traditional luggage storage lockers in the South Terminal, on Level 1, next to Baggage Claim No. 4. These lockers are ideal for short-term storage and can accommodate various luggage sizes.
  2. Off-site Luggage Storage: Several third-party luggage storage services operate near the airport. These services often offer more flexibility and may be a better option for longer storage needs or if you require additional features like insurance. Off-site storage options are:
    • LuggageHero
    • Qeepl

Anchorage Airport Baggage Claim Contact Information

For any questions regarding your baggage claim after your flight, you can contact the airport at the following:

DepartmentPhone NumberOpening Hours
Anchorage Airport Baggage Claim1-877-815-8253Open daily between 6:00 am – 10:00 pm (PT)

Anchorage Airport Baggage Claim is located in both the North and South Terminals. Be sure to check the signage upon arrival to locate the specific baggage claim area for your arriving flight.

Anchorage Airport baggage storage and claim services upgrades the overall travel experience. By offering diverse storage options and ensuring efficient baggage claim processes, the airport contributes to making journeys more convenient and stress-free for passengers. Explore the Alaska city burden free after completing Anchorage airport arrivals procedure.

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FAQs for Anchorage Airport Baggage Storage

What is the phone number of Anchorage Airport Baggage Claim?

Anchorage Airport Baggage claim phone number is 1-877-815-8253.

Where can I find Anchorage Airport Baggage Storage?

Anchorage Airport Baggage Storage facilities are conveniently located throughout the airport for easy access.

Is there a difference between short-term and long-term storage rates at Anchorage Airport?

Yes, rates may vary depending on the duration of storage. Short-term storage typically incurs a lower fee compared to long-term storage.