Airports Near Anchorage, Alaska

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) is a major transportation hub for the state, and several airports serve the area depending on your travel needs. Whether you’re coming in on a commercial flight or a private plane, here’s a breakdown of the Airports near Anchorage Alaska and what they offer.

Distances from Anchorage, Alaska, to Nearby Airports

Merrill Field (MRI / PAMR): 4 miles Anchorage, AK
Elmendorf Air Force Base (EDF / PAED): 6 miles Anchorage, AK
Fire Island Airport (FQH): 9 miles Fire Island, AK

Nearest Major Airport to Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is conveniently served by Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC / PANC), located just 6 miles from downtown. This major airport offers a variety of domestic flight options, connecting you to Anchorage from all over the US.

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Services and Details of Airports Near Anchorage Airport

Explore a network of Airports near Anchorage Alaska, offering diverse services, offering efficient connections and a relaxed travel experience.

Merrill Field Airport (MRI)

Airports Near Anchorage Alaska

Located near Anchorage, Alaska, Merrill Field Airport (MRI) serves as a vital general aviation hub in the region. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the airport’s services and facilities.

LocationAnchorage, Alaska, United States
Runways2 (one asphalt and one turf)
Elevation137 feet above sea level
Aircraft ParkingAvailable
Fuel ServicesJet-A and 100LL available
FBOMerrill Field Airport (MRI) FBO
Air Traffic ControlAvailable
Ground TransportationTaxi, rental cars, and shuttle services available
Pilot ServicesFlight planning and weather briefing available

Elmendorf Air Force Base (EDF / PAED)

Elmendorf Air Force Base is located near Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Anchorage, Alaska. It serves as a strategic military installation providing various services and amenities to support military personnel and their families stationed there.

Airport ShuttleShuttle between Elmendorf AFB and Anchorage International.
LodgingOn-base accommodation for military personnel and visitors.
DiningCafeterias, fast food, and sit-down restaurants available.
RecreationFitness centers, sports facilities, and outdoor areas.
Medical CarePrimary care, dental, and specialized healthcare services.
ShoppingBase Exchange and convenience stores for retail needs.
TransportationCar rentals, taxis, and limited public transit on base.
EducationOn-base schools and educational assistance programs.
Family SupportChildcare, counseling, and support services for families.
SecurityBase security ensuring safety for personnel and assets.

Fire Island Airport (FQH)

Fire Island Airport, located near Anchorage Airport in Alaska, boasts a 2,180-foot runway, fuel services, and tie-down aircraft parking. Managed by the Fire Island Airport Authority, it offers a pilot’s lounge, restrooms, and a maintenance hangar.

LocationNear Anchorage Airport, Alaska, USA
Runway Length2,180 feet
Elevation20 feet
Fuel ServicesAvailable
Aircraft ParkingTie-down
Airport ManagerFire Island Airport Authority
CommunicationCTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency): 122.9 MHz
Nearby AccommodationVarious options available in Anchorage
Ground TransportationTaxi service available; rental car services in Anchorage
Airport FacilitiesPilot’s lounge, restroom facilities, maintenance hangar
Weather InformationObtained from Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport

Anchorage is well-served by a network of airports catering to various aviation needs. Whether you’re flying commercially, chartering a private plane, or taking a seaplane to explore Alaska’s wilderness, Airports Near Anchorage Alaska offer convenient access and essential services. From the bustling terminals of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to the intimate atmosphere of Merrill Field, travelers have options to suit their preferences and travel plans.

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FAQs for Airports Near Anchorage Alaska

What is the closest airport to Anchorage airport?

The closest airport to Anchorage airport is Merrill Field, located approximately 4.6 miles away from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Are there any airports near Anchorage, Alaska?

Yes, there are several airports near Anchorage, Alaska, including Merrill Field, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Lake Hood Seaplane Base, and Birchwood Airport.

How far is the nearest airport to Anchorage, Alaska?

The nearest airport to Anchorage, Alaska, is Merrill Field, which is about 4.6 miles away from the city’s primary airport, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.