ATL Closest Airports

Welcome to the world of air travel around Atlanta! As a bustling hub, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) serves as a gateway to the city and beyond. However, there are additional airports in close proximity that offer alternative options for your journey. In this article, we will explore the closest airports to ATL, providing insights into their convenience, facilities, and distances from the primary aviation hub.

List of Closest Airport to Atlanta Airport

  1. Peachtree-DeKalb Airport (PDK): Approximately 12 miles away from ATL.
  2. Fulton County Airport (FTY): Approximately 14 miles away from ATL.
  3. Cobb County International Airport (RYY): Approximately 25 miles away from ATL.
  4. Athens-Ben Epps Airport (AHN): Approximately 70 miles away from ATL.
  5. Middle Georgia Regional Airport (MCN): Approximately 90 miles away from ATL.

Services and Details of nearest Airport to ATL

Discover the services and details awaiting you at the nearest airport to Atlanta, conveniently located for seamless travel. Whether you’re in search of the ATL closest Airports, Atlantic City or Atlanta, explore the array of amenities and essential details that make this airport a best choice for your journey.

Peachtree-DeKalb Airport (PDK)

PDK is the closest airport to ATL Airport, provides tailored facilities and a variety of services for both private and GA flights. Here’s a quick review of services and details in a table below:

General AviationPDK primarily serves general aviation, offering facilities and services tailored to private and GA flights.
RunwaysThe airport features multiple runways, accommodating various types of aircraft.
Air Traffic ControlEquipped with air traffic control services to ensure safe and efficient aircraft movements.
Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs)FBOs on-site provide essential services such as fueling, maintenance, and passenger amenities.
Hangar FacilitiesHangar space is available for aircraft storage and maintenance purposes.
Terminal BuildingA terminal building is present, providing essential amenities for passengers and crew.
Customs and ImmigrationPDK does not have customs and immigration facilities, primarily serving domestic flights.
Ground TransportationVarious ground transportation options are available for convenient access to and from the airport.
ParkingPDK offers parking facilities for both short-term and long-term stays.
Dining and ShopsLimited dining and shopping options may be available within the airport premises.
Aircraft ServicesPDK provides services such as aircraft maintenance, repair, and other related services.

Fulton County Airport (FTY)

As the nearest airport to the city of Atlanta, the FTY (Fulton County Airport) stands out for its services and amenities specifically designed for general aviation travelers.

Runways:Two asphalt runways (8/26 and 14/32)
Airport Type:Public-use, general aviation
Fuel Services:Available (Jet-A and 100LL avgas)
Control Tower:No
FBO (Fixed-Base Operator):Yes (Multiple FBOs operate on-site)
Hangars:Available for rent or transient use
Aircraft Maintenance:Various maintenance services on-site
Ground Transportation:Taxis, rental cars, and private shuttles
Airport Facilities:Pilot’s lounge, restrooms, and flight planning
ATC Communications:UNICOM frequency for communication
Operating Hours:Generally open during daylight hours
Runway Length:3,800 feet (Runway 14/32), 4,343 feet (Runway 8/26)

Cobb County International Airport (RYY)

Cobb County International Airport offers a range of facilities, including limited customs and immigration services, complimentary Wi-Fi, and additional facilities serve to private and general flying needs.

RunwaysTwo asphalt runways: 9/27 and 13/31
Terminal BuildingModern terminal facility
Aircraft ServicesFueling services available
Control TowerYes, for enhanced air traffic management
Ground TransportationCar rental services on-site
Parking FacilitiesAmple parking space for both short and long-term parking
Dining OptionsRestaurants and cafes within the terminal
General AviationFacilities for private and general aviation
Customs/ImmigrationLimited customs and immigration services
Wi-Fi AvailabilityComplimentary Wi-Fi for travelers
AccessibilityApproximately 25 miles from ATL
Other AmenitiesPilot lounge and flight planning facilities

Athens-Ben Epps Airport (AHN)

Find out the facilities and the details of Athens-Ben Epps Airport (AHN) close to ATL Airport, offers a range of services, including a terminal building, parking facilities, and car rental services.

Airport CodeAHN
LocationAthens, Georgia
Distance from ATLApproximately 70 miles
FacilitiesTerminal building, Parking facilities, Car rental services, Aviation fuel services
Runways2 runways: 02/20 and 09/27
Control TowerYes
Customs and ImmigrationLimited services for international arrivals
Aircraft MaintenanceAvailable on-site
Ground TransportationTaxis and rental cars available
Nearby AttractionsUniversity of Georgia, State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Middle Georgia Regional Airport (MCN)

Experience the magic of Mid Georgia Regional (MCN) as the nearest airport to Atlanta with a smooth mix of commercial services and general aviation.

TerminalsSingle terminal serving commercial and general aviation
AirlinesLimited commercial airlines and general aviation services
RunwaysMultiple runways catering to various aircraft sizes
ParkingAmple parking spaces for both short-term and long-term stays
Ground TransportationCar rental services available on-site
FacilitiesPassenger lounge, restrooms, and airport amenities
Cargo HandlingLimited cargo services
DiningLimited dining options within the terminal
Wi-FiFree Wi-Fi available for passengers
SecurityTSA security measures in place for passenger safety
Customs and ImmigrationPrimarily handles domestic flights

As we navigate through the list of ATL closest airports, each option presents its own charm and convenience. Whether you’re looking for a smaller, more intimate setting or exploring options in different directions, these airports complement the services offered by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, enhancing your overall travel experience.

FAQs for ATL Closest Airport

What is the closest airport to Atlanta Airport (ATL)?

There are no other major airports within the Atlanta metropolitan area. Peachtree-DeKalb International Airport (PDK) is a smaller airport nearby, but flights are limited primarily to regional destinations.

How far is the closest airport to ATL?

The closest airport to ATL is Atlanta DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK), located just 12 miles away.

Are there any international airports near ATL?

Yes, Athens-Ben Epps Airport (AHN) is about 74 miles from ATL and offers some international flights.