Birmingham Airport Arrivals

When it comes to flight arrivals at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM), travelers can expect seamless experiences and efficient services. Birmingham Airport serves as a vital hub connecting passengers from around the globe to the vibrant city of Birmingham and its surrounding regions. In this guide you will explore Birmingham Airport Arrivals procedure ensure a smooth transition from plane to ground.

Flight Arrivals at Birmingham International Airport (BHM)

Stay tuned for the latest flights coming at Birmingham International Airport (BHM) with full information for each terminal/concourse.

Birmingham Airport Arrivals

Main Terminal

  1. British Airways
  2. Lufthansa
  3. Ryanair
  4. Emirates
  5. KLM

Concourse B

  1. EasyJet
  2. TUI Airways

Concourse C

  1. Air France
  2. Aer Lingus
  3. Qatar Airways

Procedure of Arrivals Passengers BHM Airport

Follow the simple guidelines of the BHM Arrival Process, where smooth arrivals start with a perfect balance of efficiency and passenger experience.


Upon flight arrival at Birmingham Airport, passengers will disembark the aircraft through designated gates.

  • Passengers are advised to follow the signs and instructions provided by airport staff to navigate the terminal efficiently.
  • It’s essential to have all necessary documents such as passports and visa paperwork ready for immigration and customs clearance.

Immigration and Customs

Once off the plane, passengers proceed to immigration and customs clearance.

  • International travelers will need to present their passports, visas, and any relevant documentation to immigration officers.
  • After clearing immigration, passengers collect their luggage from designated baggage claim areas.
  • Customs regulations must be adhered to, with declarations made as necessary.

Ground Transportation

After completing immigration and customs procedures, passengers can access various ground transportation options.

  • During Birmingham Airport Arrivals, BHM offers a range of Birmingham Airport Transportation services like taxis, rental cars, buses, and trains, providing convenient links to the city center and beyond.
  • Passengers should refer to signage and information desks for guidance on accessing transportation services.

Airport Facilities and Services

Before leaving the arrivals area, passengers can avail themselves of various facilities and services within the airport.

  • Refreshment options, restrooms, currency exchange, and information desks are readily available to assist passengers.
  • Those with onward travel plans can also find assistance with hotel bookings, tour arrangements, and other amenities within the terminal.

Navigating Birmingham Airport arrivals is a seamless process designed to ensure passenger comfort and convenience from the moment of flight arrival at Birmingham Airport (BHM). With efficient procedures, a diverse range of airlines, and a host of facilities and services, travelers can expect a smooth transition from the aircraft to their onward journey.

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FAQs for Birmingham Airport Arrivals

What airlines operate flight arrivals at Birmingham Airport (BHM)?

Various airlines operate flight arrivals at Birmingham Airport (BHM), including British Airways, Ryanair, Emirates, and many more.

How do I check plane arrivals at Birmingham Airport?

You can check plane arrivals at BHM Airport by visiting the airport’s official website.

Are there specific terminals for flight arrivals at Birmingham Airport (BHM)?

Yes, Birmingham Airport has multiple terminals. Passengers should check their airline and flight details to determine which terminal they will arrive at.