Birmingham Airport Departures

Birmingham International Airport (BHM) serves as a bustling hub for travelers, offering a gateway to various destinations with its efficient departures process. Whether jetting off for business or leisure, passengers can expect a smooth experience from check-in to boarding. In this guide, we will take you through the seamless experience of Birmingham Airport Departures, ensuring that your journey begins with ease and comfort.

Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM) Flight Departures

Birmingham Airport Departures

When you leave Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM), you enter a world of comfort and connectivity, where departure operations are simplified for maximum efficiency.

Main Terminal

  1. American Airlines
  2. Delta Air Lines
  3. Southwest Airlines
  4. United Airlines

Concourse B

  1. Allegiant Air
  2. Frontier Airlines

Concourse C

  1. Alaska Airlines
  2. JetBlue Airways

Passengers Departure Procedure at Birmingham Airport (BHM)

Find out the BHM Airport departures process in easy signs especially for first-time flyers to improve your customs and security experience. Start by checking our quick steps given below:


Please ensure you’ve arrived at the BHM airport with ample time, at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

  • Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time.
  • Proceed to the check-in counters of your respective airline.
  • Have your ID and travel documents ready for verification.
  • Check-in your baggage if necessary.

Security Screening

As you proceed after checking in, please have your boarding pass and ID ready for inspection. Ensure a hassle-free process by removing any metallic items and liquids from your carry-on luggage.

  • Proceed to the security checkpoint after checking in.
  • Prepare your boarding pass and ID for inspection.
  • Remove any metallic items and liquids from your carry-on luggage.
  • Follow instructions given by security personnel.

Navigating Terminals

To ensure a seamless journey, begin by identifying your departure terminal and concourse. From there, simply follow the clear signage directing you to your gate.

  • Identify your departure terminal and concourse.
  • Follow signage to reach your gate.
  • Utilize airport maps or ask airport staff for assistance if needed.


As we prepare for boarding, we kindly remind you to arrive at your designated gate well before the boarding time. Stay attentive for any announcements regarding boarding procedures.

  • Be at your gate well before boarding time.
  • Listen for announcements regarding boarding procedures.
  • Have your boarding pass and ID ready for boarding.

As you embark on your journey from Birmingham airport departures, rest assured that every step is designed to enhance your travel experience. With a wide range of airlines, modern facilities, and streamlined procedures, BHM ensures that your departure is smooth and hassle-free. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, BHM sets the stage for a journey filled with excitement and possibilities.

Unlock the secrets of stress-free travel as we present the essential Birmingham Airport Guide, providing valuable insights and tips for every traveler.

FAQs for Birmingham Airport Departures

What time does departures open at Birmingham Airport?

Departures at Birmingham Airport typically open around 4:00 AM, but this may vary depending on the day and airline schedules.

Which terminal handles departures at Birmingham Airport?

Departures at Birmingham Airport are typically handled at the main terminal building, though specific airlines may have dedicated check-in areas or terminals.

Is there a designated area for drop-offs for Birmingham Airport departing flights?

Yes, Birmingham Airport has designated drop-off zones near the terminal entrances for departing passengers.