Birmingham Airport Lost and Found

Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM) is one of the busiest airports, serving millions of passengers every year. With so many people arriving and departing from its terminals, it’s only natural that some things get lost or forgotten. Birmingham Airport Lost and Found department comes into play, providing a vital service in reuniting passengers with their lost properties.

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM) Lost and Found Contact Details

Birmingham Airport Lost and Found

Find yourself in the bad situation of lost item during your travels from BHM Airport, it’s essential to know whom to contact. Below is the phone number to get your belongings:

Contact MethodPhone Number
Lost Property & Baggage Claims0330 223 0893

Procedure of Birmingham Airport Lost and Found

Navigating the process of reclaiming lost items at Birmingham Airport is simpler than you might think. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to proceed:

Reporting a Lost Item

Upon realizing you’ve misplaced an item within the premises of Birmingham Airport (BHM), promptly report the loss to the designated Lost and Found office or Baggage Services counter.

  • Provide detailed information about the lost item, including its description, location, and the time it was last seen.
  • Ensure you provide your contact information accurately to facilitate communication regarding the status of your lost item.

Search and Retrieval Process

As soon as you report a missing item, the experts at BHM will begin a full investigation to find the item you are looking for.

  • Utilizing advanced tracking systems and diligent manual searches, the team will strive to locate the lost item within the airport premises.
  • Regular updates will be provided to the owner regarding the progress of the search and any potential findings.

Claiming Your Lost Item

The passenger is notified and returned after valid verification.

  • Owners must provide valid identification and any necessary proof of ownership to claim their lost belongings.

Birmingham Airport (BHM) empathizes with the inconvenience and distress that comes with losing personal belongings during travel. Our dedicated Lost and Found service, supported by efficient procedures and a committed team, aims to minimize the stress of such situations by ensuring the swift and secure return of lost items to their owners. Rest assured, if you require assistance with lost property at Birmingham Airport (BHM), our dedicated channels of communication are readily available to help you.

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FAQs for Birmingham Airport Lost and Found

What should I do if I’ve lost something at Birmingham Airport?

If you’ve misplaced an item at Birmingham Airport, contact our Lost and Found department immediately.

What is the Birmingham Airport Lost and Found phone number?

The phone number of BHM Airport Lost and Found is 0330 223 0893.

How long does Birmingham Airport keep lost property?

Birmingham Airport typically keeps lost property for a certain period before disposal, so it’s crucial to report lost items promptly.