Huntsville Airport Lost and Found

Welcome to Huntsville Airport Lost and Found, where we understand the inconvenience of misplaced belongings during travel. At Huntsville International Airport (HSV), we prioritize reuniting travelers with their lost items efficiently and seamlessly. In this guide, you will get the contact number and process to report lost property.

Table of Contact Details for Huntsville International Airport (HSV) Lost and Found

Customer Service:(256) 772-9661
Property lost during security checkpoint TSA Phone Number:(256) 772-4803
Location:Main Terminal, near the baggage claim area
Huntsville Airport Lost and Found

Procedure of Huntsville Airport Lost and Found

Get an easy step-by-step guide to report your lost items with Huntsville Airport Lost and Found services.

Reporting a Lost Item

When you realize you’ve misplaced an item within the confines of Huntsville Airport, prompt action is key.

  • Approach the nearest airport staff member or proceed directly to the Lost and Found office located in the Main Terminal near the baggage claim area.
  • Provide detailed information about the lost item including a description, time and location of last seen, and any identifiable markings or features.

Search and Retrieval Process

After filing the report of lost item, the HSV Airport Lost and Found team starts the investigation.

  • Thoroughly search designated areas within the airport where the item may have been misplaced.
  • Utilize a comprehensive database to log and track lost item reports, streamlining the retrieval process.

Notification and Collection

Should the lost item be located, the reunification process begins.

  • Contact the owner via phone or email, informing them that their item has been found and is available for collection.
  • Arrange a convenient time for the owner to retrieve their item from the Lost and Found office, ensuring proper identification is provided.

Huntsville Airport Lost and Found is committed to providing exceptional service to travelers in need of assistance with lost items. Our efficient procedure, coupled with our dedicated team, ensures a smooth process for reclaiming belongings. Next time you’re at Huntsville Airport and find yourself missing something, remember that we’re here to help you reunite with your belongings swiftly and hassle-free.

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FAQs for Huntsville Airport Lost and Found

How can I report a lost item at Huntsville Airport?

You can report a lost item by contacting our dedicated team at (256) 772-9661 or emailing us at

What information do I need to provide when reporting a lost item?

Provide a detailed description of the lost item with time and location it was last seen.

Can someone else pick up my lost item on my behalf?

Yes, someone else can pick up your lost item on your behalf, provided they have proper authorization and identification. Please inform our team in advance if you’re sending someone else to retrieve your item.