JFK Airport Shops

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is called the crown jewel of New York City for a good reason. With providing better air travel scene, also covers the diverse arrangement of JFK Airport Shops. From international luxury brands to local, discover a world of edible delights and retail treasures right at your fingertips. Explore best shops and do shopping at JFK for your loved ones.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) Shops

Shopping at JFK Airport becomes as colorful and varied as the places it links. Discover a world of retail experience and convenience, where boutiques, high-end brands, and travel essentials are waiting to brighten your pre-flight experience and add to the joys of your trip.

JFK Airport Shops Terminal 1

Step into the bright gem at JFK Terminal 1 Shops, with designer brands, travel essentials and beauty products.

AppleTech gadgets & travel essentials
Kiehl’sSkincare products, travel-sized essentials
Victoria’s SecretLingerie, sleepwear, beauty products
Hudson NewsTravel essentials, reading materials, souvenirs
Duty FreeLiquor, tobacco, fragrances (international flights)
JFK International Airport duty free shops

JFK Airport Shops Terminal 4

Step into the Terminal 4 Shops to resolve the issue of tech. gadgets at the JFK Airport with fast solutions and get books or magazines to make your journey more interesting.

AppleTech gadgets, travel essentials
CoachLuxury handbags & accessories
Victoria’s SecretLingerie, sleepwear, beauty products
Hudson NewsMagazines, books, travel essentials
Duty FreeLiquor, tobacco, fragrances (international flights

JFK Airport Shops Terminal 5

Elevate your journey with the latest tech and travel must-haves at JFK Terminal 5 Shops.

AppleElectronics, gadgets, and travel essentials.
Hudson NewsMagazines, books, travel essentials, and souvenirs.
InMotionHeadphones, chargers, portable speakers, and cameras.
Victoria’s SecretLingerie, sleepwear, and beauty products.
Kiehl’sSkincare products, travel-sized essentials, and expert advice.
DFS Duty FreeLiquor, tobacco, fragrances, and other duty-free items.

Shops at JFK Airport Terminal 7

At JFK Terminal 5, Hudson News and Discover New York shops have everything you need to feel prepared for your destinations.

M&M’s StoreColorful chocolates, personalized M&M’s, souvenirs
CoachLuxury handbags, wallets, accessories
Discover New YorkNew York souvenirs, local brands
Duty Free AmericasTax-free liquor, tobacco, fragrances
Hudson NewsTravel essentials, reading materials, snacks, souvenirs

From the hustle and bustle of Terminal 1, to the broad flavor of Terminal 7, there’s something for everyone at JFK airport’s culinary and retail hub. Whether you’re looking for a juicy burger from Shake Shack, a delicate sushi plate, a stylish Coach bag, or a must-have last-minute travel needs, JFK has it all. Get your boarding pass and enjoy the cuisine of best restaurants and discover shops to get something for your loved ones.

Let us be your compass with our JFK Airport Guide through the terminals, guiding you to discover the countless amenities and services that await.

FAQs for JFK Airport Shops

What shops are at JFK Airport?

From luxury labels like Coach and Salvatore Ferragamo to duty-free shops and bookstores, JFK has a little bit of everything.

Is there a barber shop in JFK Airport?

Yes, barber shop is available in terminal 4 of JFK Airport.

Is there JFK international airport duty free shops?

Yes, duty-free shops available at terminal 1, 4, 5, and 7 in JFK Airport.