JFK Airport Terminals

John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is not just one of the biggest but among the busiest airports in North America, transporting over 60 million passengers every year. There are 8 JFK Airport Terminals out of which 5 Terminals are currently active – Terminals 1, 4, 5, 7, & 8. Terminal 6 at JFK Airport was demolished in the year 2011, Terminal 3 was demolished 2 years later in 2013, and Terminal 2 of JFK Airport was declared permanently closed in the year 2023.

Each JFK Airport Terminal is well connected to public transportation around New York City and beyond and provides a variety of services to flyers. Passengers can also access the AirTran station from – Terminal 1 and Terminal 8.

JFK Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is the abode of mostly international airlines with the likes of Air France, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, and more. Terminal 1 is also served by SkyTeam and OneWorld alliance as mentioned on the JFK Airport’s official website.

jfk airport terminal 1

Levels and Concourse at Terminal 1

There are 3 main levels at JFK Airport Terminal, Below is the overview of all the levels –

Baggage Claim Area (Level 1)

This is also part of the Arrival area that includes the baggage carousel area, immigration, and access to public transportation. To get here, you have to take the shuttle from Terminal 4 or Terminal 8.

Departure Concourse (Level 2)

The terminal has 14 gates – 1 to 4, 5A, 5B, 6, 7A, 7B, 8 to 12. While you pass through the security gates, gates 4 to 12 are on your left, and gates 1 to 3 are on your right. 

The concourse level hosts plenty of shopping and dining options.

Check-In (Level 3)

The check-in and ticketing desk are located on Level 2. When you pass security, the VIP One Lounge is on your right.

What airlines are in Terminal 1 at JFK?

Air China, Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Cayman Airways, China Airlines, China Eastern, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Olympic, Royal Air Maroc, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Turkish, Aeroflot, Aeromexico, and AirPlus Comet.

What lounges are in Terminal 1 at JFK?

Korean Air and Turkish Airlines Lounges are at gate 3. Air France Lounge is located near gate 1.

JFK Airport Terminal 4

Terminal 4 comprises 48 gates and is divided into 2 concourses. Concourse A serves primarily Asian and some European airlines along with Delta Airlines. Concourse B serves domestic and international airlines.

You will find the American Express Centurion Lounge in this terminal.

Passengers can park the vehicles at the Blue garage which is easily accessible from Terminal 4.

Levels and Concourse at Terminal 4

There are two levels and two concourses at JFK Airport Terminal 4 –

Arrival Area (Level 1)

You will find the arrivals hall at level 1 where international passengers also pass through Customs and Immigrations. This is where the Baggage Claim is located. 

The Global Entry Enrollment Center is also located at level 1.

Check-In Area (Level 4)

Check-in desks are at level 3 of Terminal 4. After you pass through the security, you’ll find Concourse A to the left and Concourse B to the right.

Once you’re in the secured perimeter, you can access American Express Centurion Lounge and Delta Sky Clubs.

Concourse A

It features 16 gates with A2 to A7 gates located on the upper level and A9 to A17, A19 and A21 on the lower level. This is where you find plenty of shops and restaurants. 

Level 4 of this concourse houses Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Club, Air India Maharaja Lounge and Emirates Lounge.

Concourse B

Concourse B has 29 gates numbered from B20, B22 to B39, and B41 on the upper level and B42 to B49 and B51 on the lower level. 

This is where you find Minute Suites, XpresSpa, and other retail and dining outlets.

Which airlines use Terminal 4 at JFK?

Avianca, Kuwait Airways, Caribbean Airlines, LATAM, Copa Airlines, SWISS Air, Delta Air Lines, Uzbekistan Airlines, Egypt Air, Virgin Atlantic, EL AL Airlines, WestJet, Emirates Airlines, XiamenAir, Etihad Airways, Aeromexico, Hawaiian Airlines, Air Europa, Kenya Airways, Air India, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, China Airlines, Singapore Airlines, China Southern and South African Airways. 

Services offered at Terminal 4

JFK Terminal 4 offers services including baggage lost and found, cloakroom, prayer room, nursing room, pet relief areas, ATMS, and currency exchange. 

JFK Airport Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is at the eastside of the terminal. It features the one and only hotel at JFK – The TWA Hotel. It is also known as JetBlue’s terminal as the airline offers over 100 flights daily to domestic as well as international destinations. This is one of the largest operating bases in the country for JetBlue. 

Passengers can access the yellow garage parking at JFK Airport Terminal 5.

Levels and Concourse at Terminal 5

There are three levels at JFK Airport Terminal 5 –

Baggage Claim (Level 1)

Baggage Claim is located on Level 1. This is where the arrival hall is located. Passengers looking for ground transportation can access the curbside of the arrival hall.

Arrival Gates (Level 2)

Level 2 features the arrival gates for international passengers. The Customs and Immigration counters are adjacent to the main arrival halls.

Here you can access the connector bridges that will take you to the TWA Hotel.

Departure Concourse Area (Level 3)

Level 3 is the departure concourse. This is where passengers clear security. There is also a TSA pre-checkpoint located which opens from 3 am to 11 pm. 

Terminal 5 has shops and food outlets located in pre-security. There are also dining and shopping options available at the post-security checkpoint.

What lounges are in Terminal 5 at JFK?

The list of lounges at Terminal 5 includes –

  • Aer Lingus Lounge 
  • T5 Rooftop & Wooftop Lounge
  • JetBlue Lounge

What airlines are at JFK Terminal 5?

Aer Lingus, Cape Air, and JetBlue.

JFK Terminal 7

Initially, Terminal 7 at JFK was operated by British Airways. Later it was operated by a consortium of other international carriers.

Levels and Concourse at Terminal 7

There are three levels at JFK Airport Terminal 7 –

Baggage Claim Area (Level 1)

Level 1 serves the baggage claim alongside the Customs and Immigration desk. 

Check-In Area (Level 2)

The check-in desks of all airlines operating from Terminal 7 have their check-in desks at Level 2. This is where the security checkpoint is positioned. When you clear the security, you’ll take the escalator to level 3 to proceed to the departure area.

Level 3

This is the post-security area, you can expect plenty of shops and restaurants. This serves the Departure area; it comprises 10 gates. Alaska Airlines lounge is at level 3. Gates 1 through 6 can be found to your left, Gates 7 and 8 are straight ahead, and gates 9 to 12, along with 11A, are situated on the right.

What airlines use Terminal 7 at JFK?

The airlines operating out of JFK Airport Terminal 7 include OneWorld codeline agreement carriers: Air Canada Express, All Nippon Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, and Aerolíneas Argentina.

Non-alliance carriers:  Aer Lingus, Condor, Icelandair, Kuwait Airways, and Sun Country Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

United Airlines also operates direct flights from JFK Terminal 7 to San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

JFK Airport Terminal 8

This is the major OneWorld hub with American Airlines as its primary base. 

The terminal is located on the Northeast side and comprises 31 gates with 14 gates in Concourse B and 17 gates in Concourse C. You can access Concourse C by a tunnel with moving walkways.

What airlines use Terminal 8 at JFK?

Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, British Airways. 

The non-alliance carrier China Southern Airlines also uses the terminal. 

Levels and Concourse at Terminal 8

The JFK Airport Terminal 8 has 2 levels and 1 concourse on it –

Arrival Area (Level 1)

It serves the Arrival Hall. It also includes the Customs and Immigration office and Baggage claim area. It hosts Dunkin Donuts, just next to the Welcome Centre.

You can access the AirTran station from level 2.

Check-In Area/Concourse A (Level 3)

Level 3 features the Check-in area, security checkpoint, and Concourse B. Post security area, passengers will step into the central concourse area which hosts several retail outlets and dining options. 

Concourse B has gates numbered from 1–8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20. 

Level 3 has a lounge jointly operated by British Airways and American Airlines.

Concourse B (Level 3)

To access Concourse C, proceed directly from the security area and walk through the underground tunnel to reach the terminal. On the left, you’ll find gates 31A to D and gate 42, while gates 43 to 47 are located on the right side.
The concourse features fewer cafes, restaurants, and shops. This is where you’ll find the Admirals Club.

JFK Airport Terminals provide a diverse range of shops, restaurants, and services, which are available across the airport terminals. Regardless of its huge area, you can easily navigate through JFK International Airport if you know exactly where to go.

Thanks to the AirTran which connects each terminal making it easier to travel between terminals. This is the most useful resource for passengers, ensuring they make the most of their time at JFK International Airport.

As you begin on your journey with JFK Airport Guide, prepare to uncover a world of convenience, comfort, and unparalleled travel experiences at one of the world’s busiest airports.

What terminal is international at JFK?

Terminal 1 is deemed as international carrier as it is maintained and operated by the group of 4 international carriers: Lufthansa, Air France, Korean Air and Japan Airlines. 

Is JFK terminal 4 domestic or international?

JFK terminal 4 serves both domestic and international carriers, as close to 30 airlines (domestic and international) calls Terminal 4 its primary hub.

Can you walk between terminals at JFK?

Walking is not recommended between terminals due to heavy traffic within the terminals. You can access sidewalks though. Pedestrians can walk between terminals 4 and 5 as they both are close to each other.

What happened to Terminal 3 at JFK?

Terminal 3 was demolished in 2011. This was done to further redevelop Terminal 5. 

Are terminals 4 and 5 connected at JFK?

Yes, Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 are a stone’s throw away. You can take a walk to access these terminals.

What terminal do international flights arrive at JFK?

International flights arrive at Terminal 1, Terminal 4 and Terminal 8, as this terminal serves multiple international airlines. Terminal 5 serves two international carriers – CapeAir and Aer Lingus.

What terminal do domestic flights arrive at JFK?

Terminal 4 is served by Delta Airlines which is the major carrier that offers over 50 domestic flight daily. Besides, passengers can expect domestic flights from JetBlue at Terminal 5, United Airlines at Terminal 7, and American Airlines at Terminal 8. 

What time does TSA open at JFK terminal 5?

TSA opens between 3 PM to 11 PM at level 3 of Terminal 5. 

Is duty free open at JFK terminal 4?

Duty free is open 24*7 at Terminal 4. International passengers must carry a boarding pass for the upcoming international flight to purchase liquor or tobacco products.