Juneau Airport Shuttle

Traveling to and from Juneau International Airport (JNU) becomes a seamless experience with the availability of efficient airport shuttle services. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, utilizing a reliable Juneau Airport Shuttle service can significantly enhance your travel convenience. In this guide, we’ll explore the various options for Juneau airport shuttles and shed light on the types of services offered.

Juneau International Airport (JNU) Shuttles

Upon landing at Juneau International Airport (JNU), the first step towards a stress-free journey is securing a reliable airport shuttle service. These services are tailored to provide passengers with efficient transportation solutions, ensuring a smooth transition from the airport to their desired destination.

Types of Shuttles at JNU Airport

List of Types of Shuttles at JNU Airport:

  1. Juneau Airport Hotels With Shuttle Service
  2. Limousine Shuttle Service
  3. Juneau Airport Shuttle Service

Juneau Airport Hotels With Shuttle Service

Welcome to Juneau Airport Hotels Shuttle Services, where convenience meets comfort for seamless transportation.

Shuttle TypeFareDescription
Standard Shuttle$15 – $25Fixed routes with multiple stops, offering an affordable option.
Private Shuttle$50 – $80Direct, non-stop service for a more personalized experience.
Hotel ShuttleIncluded in StayComplimentary service exclusively for hotel guests.
Hotel Shuttle Services

Limousine Shuttle Services

Experience seamless travel with our premier limousine shuttle services at JNU Airport.

Shuttle TypeFare RangeDescription
Luxury Limousine$80 – $120Chauffeur-driven elegance for a premium travel experience.
Executive Shuttle$60 – $90Sophisticated ride with professionalism for business or special occasions.
Shared Limousine$40 – $60Upscale luxury shared with others for an affordable price.
VIP Airport Transfer$100 – $150Exclusive service with personalized amenities for a luxurious journey.
Hourly CharterCustom QuoteTailored, flexible travel for a personalized experience.
Limousine Shuttle Services

Juneau Airport Shuttle Service

Welcome to Juneau Airport Shuttle Service, your premier choice for reliable and convenient transportation Juneau airport.

Shuttle TypeFareDescription
Shared$20Economical, shared ride for passengers with similar routes
Private$50Exclusive, direct, and personalized service
VIP Luxury$75Premium shuttle with luxurious amenities
Group Discount$15Special rate for groups of 5 or more
Airport Hotel$10Shuttle to and from airport hotels
Round Trip$35Discounted package for round-trip bookings
Senior Citizen$18Discounted fare for passengers aged 65 and above
Airport Shuttle Services

Juneau Airport Shuttles seamlessly blend convenience, comfort, and affordability. Whether you’re arriving for business or leisure, these services cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a smooth transition from the airport to your desired destination. Consider the various shuttle options available at JNU Airport, and make your journey through JNU a truly memorable one.

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FAQs for Juneau Airport Shuttles

Are there hotels in JNU with airport shuttle services?

Yes, several hotels in JNU offer convenient airport shuttle services for their guests.

How can I find Juneau airport hotels with shuttle services?

You can easily identify airport hotels in JNU with shuttle services by checking their official websites.

Is the Juneau airport shuttle service available regularly?

Yes, the shuttle operates regularly between the airport and city locations.

Do all Juneau hotels offer airport shuttles?

Not all hotels provide shuttle services; confirm with your chosen hotel.

Can I pre-book JNU hotel airport shuttles?

Yes, many hotels allow advance booking for shuttle services. Check with your hotel for details.