LAX Airport Lost and Found

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Lost and Found is your one-stop-shop for all your lost and found items. Whether you left something at the security checkpoint, in a terminal, or elsewhere within the airport premises, our Lost and Found service is here to assist you.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Lost and Found

Reclaim your lost items with the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Lost and Found services. We know that in the hustle and bustle of the travel world, sometimes things fall through the cracks. Share the details of lost items and get your belongings in few steps.

Procedure of LAX Airport Lost and Found

Navigating lost and found at LAX can be stressful, but rest assured, this easy process will help you to recover your misplaced belongings with ease.

Report Your Lost Item

Find your lost item with our convenient online reporting system or drop by our in-person office.

  • If you’ve left something behind at LAX, it’s crucial to report it on time.
  • Options for reporting:
    • Online: Submit a report through our website.
    • In-person: Visit our dedicated Lost and Found office located within the airport premises.

Provide Detailed Information

Build a detailed picture of your lost belongings and provide it to the LAX lost and found team for successful recovery.

  • Be prepared to share crucial information about your lost item.
  • Provide a detailed description of the item, including its size, color, and any identifiable marks.
  • Specify time and location the item was lost to assist in narrowing down the search.
  • Note any unique characteristics or features that could distinguish your item from others.
  • The more details you provide, the higher the chances of a successful recovery.

Check the Online Database

Empower your search for lost items at LAX by making the most of our online Databases.

  • Regularly visit our online database for added convenience.
  • We consistently update the database with recently found items.
  • You might identify your lost item by browsing through the database before initiating direct contact with us.

Retrieve Your Item

Take the final step to retrieve your lost item by heading to our dedicated Lost and Found office at LAX.

  • Head to our dedicated Lost and Found office at LAX to claim your lost item.
  • Ensure you bring a valid ID for verification purposes.
  • Bring any additional documents specified in the notification received from our team.

If you’ve misplaced an item during your journey through LAX, our dedicated Lost and Found service, in collaboration with the airport police, is here to assist. For swift assistance, contact the LAX Airport Lost and Found team directly or visit our office, ensuring you have the necessary details and identification in hand.

FAQs for LAX Airport Lost and Found

Where can I find lost items at LAX Airport?

There are two separate Lost and Found offices at LAX are Airport Police Lost and Found and TSA Lost and Found.

Can I report a lost item at LAX Airport with the police?

Yes, you can file a police report with the Airport Police Front Desk at 424-646-6100. However, filing a claim with the Lost and Found is the most efficient way to locate your item.

What happens to items left at LAX TSA checkpoints?

The TSA collects and holds lost items for 30 days. If unclaimed, they are either destroyed, donated, or sold as surplus property.