Los Angeles Int’l Airport (LAX) Security Wait Times

Dreading the thought of endless security lines at LAX Airport? You’re not alone. Long waits can turn a smooth journey into a stressful scramble. But fear not, savvy travelers! This guide empowers you to navigate Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) security with confidence, armed with the knowledge of what to expect and how to minimize LAX Wait Times.

LAX Airport Security Wait Times

LAX security wait times fluctuate depending on various factors. On average, expect waits between 20-45 minutes during peak hours (mornings, late afternoons). Weekends and holidays see even longer lines, while Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be calmer. Remember, these are just averages – unexpected delays can occur.

Average Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Security Wait Times

Passengers moving through the security checkpoints at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) should anticipate waiting on average for:11 Minutes Avg.

Security Wait Times at LAX

Below is the table of Security Wait Times at LAX:

AM TimesPM Times
12 am – 1 am – 8 Minutes11 am – 12 pm – 11 Minutes
1 am – 2 am – 20 Minutes12 pm – 1 pm – 12 Minutes
2 am – 3 am – 17 Minutes1 pm – 2 pm – 10 Minutes
3 am – 4 am – 14 Minutes2 pm – 3 pm – 16 Minutes
4 am – 5 am – 25 Minutes3 pm – 4 pm – 5 Minutes
5 am – 6 am – 20 Minutes4 pm – 5 pm – 8 Minutes
6 am – 7 am – 11 Minutes5 pm – 6 pm – 15 Minutes
7 am – 8 am – 14 Minutes6 pm – 7 pm – 9 Minutes
8 am – 9 am – 12 Minutes7 pm – 8 pm – 01 Minutes
9 am – 10 am – 14 Minutes8 pm – 9 pm – 13 Minutes
10 am – 11 am – 7 Minutes9 pm – 10 pm – 12 Minutes
11 pm – 12 am – 10 Minutes10 pm – 11 pm – 17 Minutes

TSA PreCheck Checkpoint Schedule & Wait Times at LAX

Traveling through LAX can sometimes mean facing long security lines. Luckily, TSA PreCheck offers eligible travelers a faster and more convenient security screening experience. TSA PreCheck is a program that allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to enjoy certain benefits during security screening.

Below is the table of TSA PreCheck checkpoint schedule & wait times at LAX:

TerminalCheckpointOpen/ClosedAverage Wait Times
Terminal 1Terminal 1 CheckpointOpen16.07 Minutes
Terminal 2Terminal 2 CheckpointOpen16.07 Minutes
Terminal 3Terminal 3 CheckpointOpen16.07 Minutes
Terminal 4Terminal 4 CheckpointOpen16.07 Minutes
Terminal 5Terminal 5 CheckpointOpen16.07 Minutes
Terminal 6Terminal 6 CheckpointOpen16.07 Minutes
Terminal 7Terminal 7 CheckpointOpen16.07 Minutes
Terminal TBITTom Bradley Int’l TerminalOpen16.07 Minutes

Contact LAX Airport for a Smooth Security Experience

Contact the LAX Airport for a smooth Security experience:

LAX Website:https://www.flylax.com/
TSA Helpline:1-866-TSA-HELP (1-866-872-4357)
Twitter:Follow @TSA and @LAXairport for updates and announcements.

Planning, preparation, and a little insider knowledge are the keys to a smooth and stress-free security experience at LAX. So, breathe easy, pack smart, and navigate LAX with confidence!

FAQs for LAX Airport Security Wait Times

How long are security wait times at LAX Airport?

The current average security wait is 11 minutes, but expect up to 30 minutes during peak hours.

How long are immigration wait times at LAX Airport?

Wait times for international arrivals depend on flight volume and processing needs. Expect 30-60 minutes during peak travel seasons.

When does security open at LAX?

Security checkpoints generally operate 24/7, but specific hours might differ per terminal. Double-check with your airline or the LAX website for the most recent information.

Does LAX have TSA PreCheck?

Yes, LAX offers TSA PreCheck in several terminals. This program allows pre-approved travelers to experience a faster and more convenient security screening process.

How to get TSA PreCheck at LAX?

While applying for TSA PreCheck is not specific to LAX, you can complete the application process online through the CBP website.

What time does TSA open at LAX?

LAX security checkpoints generally operate 24/7. However, specific hours might differ slightly depending on the terminal. It’s recommended to double-check with your airline or the LAX website for the most recent information regarding your specific terminal.

What time does TSA close at LAX?

TSA checkpoints at LAX do not have a closing time and generally operate 24/7, as mentioned earlier.

What is the TSA wait time at LAX?

Currently, the estimated LAX TSA wait time is 13 minutes.

How do I contact TSA at LAX?

You can reach the TSA Contact Center at 1-855-TSA-LINE (1-855-872-5463) for general inquiries.