Oakland Airport Parking

When it comes to seamless travel, convenience begins with finding the right parking solution. For those flying in and out of Oakland International Airport (OAK), the search for optimal parking options is a crucial step in the journey. Understanding the diverse Oakland Airport Parking facilities available is essential for travelers to make an informed decision.

Oakland International Airport (OAK) Parking

Ensuring a seamless beginning to your travels starts with choosing the right parking at Oakland Airport. Let’s delve into the features, durations, and rates of the different parking choices available.

Oakland Terminal Parking

Our Oakland Airport Terminal Parking is strategically situated for convenient access, ensuring you’re just steps away from the airport terminals. The fee breakdown is as follows:

Convenient locationHourly/Daily$4 per hour
Covered parking optionsDaily$38 per day
Valet service availableWeekly$190 per week

Oakland Daily Lot

Make your journey smoother by reserving your spot in advance, ensuring a seamless parking experience at Oakland Airport’s Daily Lot. The fee breakdown is as follows:

Close proximity to terminalsHourly/Daily$5 per hour
Well-lit and secureDaily$24 per day
Frequent shuttle serviceWeekly$120 per week

OAK Economy Parking

Welcome to Oakland Airport Economy Parking, where cost-effectiveness meets convenience. The fee breakdown is as follows:

Budget-friendly optionDaily$16 per day
Long-term parking solutionWeekly$80 per week
Shuttle service to terminalsMonthly$300 per month

OAK Premier

Enjoy the luxury of designated parking spaces, ensuring a seamless arrival and departure experience. The fee breakdown is as follows:

Premium reserved spacesHourly/Daily$7 per hour
Closest proximity to terminalsDaily$42 per day
Covered and secure parkingWeekly$210 per week

OAK Hourly Parking

Experience affordable hourly rates, making your short stays both convenient and budget-friendly. The fee breakdown is as follows:

Ideal for short staysHourly$6 per hour
Close to terminalsDaily$32 per day
Convenient and accessibleWeekly$160 per week
Oakland Airport Parking

OAK Cellphone Waiting Lot Parking

The Cellphone Waiting Lot at Oakland Airport is a designated area where drivers can wait in their vehicles, free of charge, until their arriving passengers are ready to be picked up curbside. It’s a time-saving and efficient way to coordinate pickups without circling the airport terminals.

Oakland Airport Parking stands out as a versatile and customer-focused solution for all travelers. Whether you are seeking proximity, budget-friendly options, or exclusive services, the airport’s parking facilities offer a comprehensive range to accommodate every need. Embrace a stress-free travel experience with Oakland Airport Parking, where convenience meets affordability.

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FAQs for Oakland Airport Parking

Is there a fee for parking in the Cellphone Waiting Lot?

No, parking in the Cellphone Waiting Lot is entirely free of charge.

Are there any discounts available for parking at Oakland Airport?

While rates may vary, consider Economy Parking for cost-effective options.

Is there short-term parking available at OAK Airport?

Yes, OAK Airport provides convenient short-term parking options.

How much does long-term parking cost at OAK Airport?

Long-term parking rates at OAK Airport vary based on the chosen lot.

What are the available parking options at OAK Airport?

OAK Airport offers various parking choices, including Terminal Parking, Daily Lot, Economy Parking, Premier, and Hourly Parking.