Oakland Airport Shuttle

Traveling to or from the Oakland International Airport (OAK) can be a seamless experience with the convenience of Oakland Airport Shuttle. Whether you’re a visitor looking for hassle-free transportation or a local seeking a cost-effective solution, the variety of shuttles available cater to diverse needs.

Oakland International Airport (OAK) Shuttles

As you step out of the bustling Oakland International Airport (OAK), your journey to comfort and convenience begins with the diverse array of Oakland Airport Shuttles awaiting your arrival.

Types of Oakland Airport shuttles

List of Types of Shuttles at OAK Airport:

  1. Shared Shuttles
  2. Private Shuttles
  3. Hotel Shuttles

Shared Shuttles

Experience seamless and cost-effective transportation with Oakland Airport Shared Shuttles.

Shuttle TypeDescriptionPrice Range (USD)
SuperShuttle Shared RideShared van with multiple stops; departs when full$20-$40
SuperShuttle ExpressDirect van to your destination; no stops$30-$50
Marin AirporterShared van with multiple stops; serves Marin County destinations$30-$50
East Bay ShuttleShared van with multiple stops; serves various East Bay locations$25-$45
Bridge Airporter ExpressShared van with limited stops; serves San Francisco and Peninsula locations$35-$45

Private Shuttles

Embark on a journey of personalized comfort and convenience with Oakland Airport Private Shuttles.

Shuttle TypeDescriptionPrice Range
SedanAccommodates up to 3 passengers. Ideal for solo travelers or small groups.$70 – $150
SUVAccommodates up to 5 passengers. Suitable for families or groups with luggage.$80 – $200
VanAccommodates up to 10 passengers. Perfect for large groups or travelers with significant luggage.$100 – $300
Luxury CarUpscale sedan or SUV for a premium experience. Accommodates up to 4 passengers.$150 – $300
LimousineLuxurious vehicle for special occasions. Accommodates up to 8 passengers.$200 – $500+
Oakland Airport Private Shuttles

Hotel Shuttles

Enjoy the luxury of door-to-door service, making your stay at Oakland Airport hotels with shuttle options a truly stress-free experience.

Shuttle TypeDescriptionPrice Range
Hotel ShuttleProvided by individual hotels. Typically operates between the hotel and the airport only.$0 (Free) – $30
Shared Ride ShuttleShared van with multiple passengers dropped off at different hotels. More affordable but can be slower.$15 – $40
Private Car/VanExclusive car or van for your group. Fastest and most convenient, but most expensive.$75 – $200+
Oakland Airport Hotel Shuttles

Oakland Airport Shuttles provide a seamless and efficient way to travel to and from OAK Airport. Whether you’re looking for convenience to your hotel or exploring affordable transportation options, the diverse range of shuttles ensures that your journey starts and ends with ease. Make the most of your travel experience by opting for these reliable and cost-effective transportation services.

Embark on your journey with confidence as you navigate Oakland International Airport Guide where travel meets convenience in the heart of the Bay Area.

FAQs for Oakland Airport Shuttles

Are there Oakland airport hotels with shuttle services?

Yes, several hotels near Oakland Airport offer convenient shuttle services.

Do hotels near Oakland Airport provide free shuttle services?

Yes, some hotels in proximity to Oakland Airport offer complimentary shuttle services.

Are there cheap airport shuttle options in OAK?

Yes, there are affordable airport shuttle services in OAK.

Do Oakland hotels provide shuttles to and from the airport?

Yes, many hotels in Oakland offer airport shuttle services.

Do all Oakland hotels with airport shuttles charge for their services?

No, some hotels near Oakland Airport offer free shuttle services.