Sacramento Airport Parking

When it comes to Sacramento Airport Parking, finding the right spot is crucial for a smooth travel experience. Whether you’re searching for Sacramento International Airport (SMF) parking or looking into long-term solutions, understanding the available options can make your journey more convenient. Let’s delve into the various parking choices and features at SMF airport to help you plan your trip seamlessly.

Sacramento International Airport Parking

Sacramento Airport Parking

SMF Airport parking offers a range of options tailored to meet the diverse needs of travelers. From Terminal Parking to Long-Term and Short-Term solutions, SMF prioritizes convenience and security for your vehicle.

Hourly Parking At Sacramento Airport

Elevate your travel experience with our premium Hourly Parking at SMF Airport.

Hourly ParkingClosest to Terminal B$2 per 1/2 hour (up to 5 hours)Terminal B
Maximum $31 per 24-hour cycle (5-24 hours)

Daily Parking At Sacramento Airport

Choose comfort and affordability with our Daily Parking services at SMF Airport.

Daily Garage ParkingHourly Parking$2.00 for every half hourTERMINALS A & B
Maximum per 24 hours$18.00
Daily Lot ParkingHourly Parking$2.00 for every half hourTERMINALS A & B
Maximum per 24 hours$12.00

Economy Parking Sacramento Airport

Unlock seamless journeys with affordable choices and accessibility at the East and West Economy Parking Lot.

East Economy Parking LotOffers the lowest parking rate on the airport campus. Pay-by-license plate system upon entry.$2 per 30 minutes, with a daily maximum of $11.Farthest lot from terminals.
West Economy Parking LotOffers the lowest parking rate on the airport campus. Pre-pay by license plate before leaving the lot.$11 per day (flat rate).Farthest lot from terminals.

Sacramento Airport Parking provides a diverse range of options to accommodate the varying needs of travelers. Whether opting for short-term convenience, extended stays, or public parking, SMF ensures a seamless experience. Plan your journey with confidence, knowing that SMF Airport offers parking solutions tailored to your specific travel requirements.

Navigate the ins and outs of hassle-free parking with our comprehensive Sacramento Airport Guide, ensuring a smooth start to your journey.

FAQs for Sacramento Airport Parking

What parking options are available at SMF Airport?

SMF Airport offers various parking choices, including daily, economy, and hourly options to suit your travel needs.

Is there specific economy parking at SMF Airport?

Yes, designated cost-effective areas.

Can I pay for Sacramento Airport parking with credit cards?

Yes, SMF Airport parking facilities usually accept major credit cards for payment.

How much is parking at the SMF Airport?

Parking rates vary depending on the chosen option. For specific pricing details, check the official SMF Airport website or contact their parking services.