XNA Airport Wait Times

Travelers embarking on journeys through the Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA) often find themselves navigating various wait times, crucial elements in the airport experience. From security checks to TSA procedures, understanding the variation of XNA Wait Times ensures smoother travels for passengers.

Average XNA Airport Security Wait Times

Passengers moving through the security checkpoints at Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA) should anticipate waiting on average for:17 Minutes Avg.

XNA Security Wait Times

XNA Security Wait Times

One of the primary concerns for travelers at XNA is the duration spent waiting at security checkpoints. These wait times can vary based on factors such as time of day, day of the week, and overall airport traffic. Here is a table for XNA security wait times:

AM TimesPM Times
05 am – 06 am-17 M12 pm – 01 pm-0 M
06 am – 07 am-0 M12 pm – 01 pm-0 M
07 am – 08 am-0 M01 pm – 02 pm-0 M
08 am – 09 am-0 M02 pm – 03 pm-0 M
09 am – 10 am-0 M03 pm – 04 pm-0 M
10 am – 11 am-0 M04 pm – 05 pm-0 M
11 am – 12 pm-0 M05 pm – 06 pm-0 M

TSA PreCheck Checkpoint Schedule & Wait Times at XNA

Once through security, travelers may encounter further wait times at TSA checkpoints. These wait times can vary depending on factors such as flight schedules, staffing levels, and security protocols. Nevertheless, XNA strives to keep these wait times minimal to ensure a smooth transition from security to boarding areas.

Here are a few insights into TSA wait times at XNA:

TerminalCheckpointOpen/ClosedAverage Wait Times
MainPreCheck Lane 1Open5 minutes
MainPreCheck Lane 2Open4 minutes
MainPreCheck Lane 3Open6 minutes
MainPreCheck Lane 4ClosedN/A

Contact XNA Airport for a Smooth Security Experience

Contact XNA Airport to ensure a smooth security experience:

XNA Website:https://www.flyxna.com/
TSA Helpline:1-855-787-2227
Twitter:Follow @flyxna updates and announcements.

Understanding and preparing for XNA wait times, including XNA security wait times and XNA TSA wait times, are integral to ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey through the airport. By staying informed, arriving early, and utilizing available resources such as online check-in and TSA PreCheck, passengers can minimize delays and maximize their travel experience at Northwest Arkansas National Airport.

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FAQs for XNA Airport Wait Times

What are XNA security wait times like?

XNA security wait times vary depending on the time of day and passenger traffic. On average, expect wait times 17 minutes during peak hours.

Are XNA TSA wait times long?

TSA wait times at XNA can be relatively short, especially if you utilize services like TSA PreCheck.

How can I minimize XNA wait times?

To minimize wait times at XNA, consider arriving at the airport early, preferably two hours before your scheduled departure.

Is there a way to check XNA wait times before arriving?

Yes, travelers can check XNA wait times in real-time through the airport’s official website or mobile app.