Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) Wait Times

At Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), managing wait times is crucial for travelers. Whether it’s for security checks or boarding procedures, understanding and planning for these wait times can significantly impact your travel experience. Among the top concerns for passengers are O’Hare Airport Wait Times, particularly in relation to security checks.

O'Hare Airport Security Wait Times

Average Chicago O’Hare Airport Security Wait Times

Passengers moving through the security checkpoints at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) should anticipate waiting on average for:30 Minutes Avg.

O’Hare Airport Security Wait Times

One of the primary areas where travelers experience wait times at O’Hare is during security screenings. These wait times can vary depending on the time of day, day of the week, and overall passenger traffic. During peak travel periods, such as holidays or early morning rush hours, security lines tend to be longer, leading to increased wait times. Here is a table for O’Hare security wait times:

AM TimesPM Times
03 am – 04 am- 0 M12 pm – 01 pm-20 M
04 am – 05 am-30 M01 pm – 02 pm-19 M
05 am – 06 am-22 M02 pm – 03 pm-14 M
06 am – 07 am-19 M03 pm – 04 pm-19 M
07 am – 08 am-15 M04 pm – 05 pm-20 M
08 am – 09 am-8 M05 pm – 06 pm-8 M
09 am – 10 am-9 M06 pm – 07 pm-12 M
10 am – 11 am-2 M07 pm – 08 pm-5 M
11 am – 12 pm-26 M08 pm – 09 pm-15 M
09 pm – 10 pm-0 M
10 pm – 11 pm-13 M
11 pm – 12 am-7 M

TSA PreCheck Checkpoint Schedule & Wait Times at O’Hare Airport

Within the security checkpoint, TSA screening adds another layer of wait time. The efficiency of TSA agents and the volume of passengers can influence ORD Airport TSA wait times. Travelers should prepare by following TSA guidelines for a smoother experience.

Here are a few insights into TSA wait times at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD):

TerminalCheckpointOpenClosePre✓™ OpenPre✓™ CloseWait Time
1CP14:00 am8:30 pm5 min. Economy
1CP24:15 am8:30 pm4:00 am8:30 pm5 min. Pre✓™
1CP34:00 am6:00 pm5 min. Priority
2CP54:00 am8:30 pm4:15 am7:00 pm5 min. Economy, 5 min. Pre✓™
3CP63:45 am8:00 pm5 min. Economy
3CP73:30 am9:00 pm5 min. Economy
3CP7A3:15 am10:00 pm4:15 am7:30 pm5 min. Economy, 5 min. Pre✓™
3CP85:00 am7:00 pm5:00 am7:00 pm5 min. Economy, 5 min. Pre✓™
3CP95:00 am8:00 pm5 min. Economy
5CP1024 hoursNot Available
5CP1112:30 pm8:30 pmNot Available

Contact ORD Airport for a Smooth Security Experience

Contact the O’Hare Airport for a smooth Security experience:

O’Hare Airport
TSA Helpline:(855) 787-2227
Twitter:Follow @fly2ohare updates and announcements.

Managing wait times at Chicago O’Hare International Airport is essential for a smooth travel experience. From security screenings to boarding procedures, being prepared and informed about O’Hare Airport wait times can help passengers navigate their journey more efficiently. By optimizing processes and resources, the airport continues to strive for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s for ORD airport security wait times or TSA wait times, staying updated and planning ahead can make all the difference in your travel experience at ORD Airport.

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FAQs for O’Hare Airport Wait Times

What are the typical security wait times at Chicago O’Hare International Airport?

Security wait times at O’Hare Airport vary, but generally, they range from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the time of day and passenger volume.

What factors can affect O’Hare Airport security wait times?

Factors like time of day, day of the week, travel season, flight volume, and security protocols can influence O’Hare Airport security wait times.

Are there any tips for minimizing wait times at TSA checkpoints in ORD Airport?

To reduce TSA wait times at ORD Airport, consider enrolling in TSA Pre✓™ or CLEAR, arrive early for your flight.